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  • 9mm 125 grain Defense Hollow Point- Easily one of the most popular categories of handguns for Defense concealed carry — if not the most popular — is the 9mm single stack.

    It makes a lot of sense: It’s light, slim, easy to control, is quicker to reload than a .38 snub nose, and offers more punch than a comparatively sized .380 pocket pistol. Self-defense is crucial for anyone and this is the reason you find many people today having a licensed firearm with them. They can always take action when the time comes to defend themselves.

    The rule about having such a gun is that it has to be concealed and many find the 9mm to be the ideal for these reasons.

    This Hollow Point penetrates 11″ to 13″ in gelatin with excellent accuracy and a minimum of 98% weight retention. Checkout the expansion on the photo below!

    • Velocity: 1120 FPS
    • 100% hand loaded with superior quality and performance


  • 9mm Luger +P 148 Grain Hard Cast Flat Nose–  A perfect Bear Defense load? Probably not, but this round will be the best you can find for a bear defense situation when you carry a 9mm.

    “It’s a miracle this Alaskan fishing guide lived to tell the tale.”

    Phil Shoemaker, an experienced Alaskan hunting and fishing guide, was guiding a couple of clients on a salmon fishing trip in the Becharof National Wildlife Refuge in southwestern Alaska when they had a close range encounter with an angry bear. Fortunately for everyone involved, Phil stopped the raging brown bear with a 9mm pistol at close range. Phil and his two clients walked away from the incident without a scratch.

    Gun enthusiasts will likely debate the merits of his decision to carry a S&W 3954 handgun in 9mm for defense for years to come, especially considering the fact that he also owned a S&W 629 chambered in .44 Magnum but chose not to carry it. Regardless of what you think of his decision, this episode shows that with good ammunition, good shot placement, and a little luck, it is possible to stop a bear with a 9mm pistol, even though it is not known as a great cartridge for a bear defense gun.-wideopenspaces

    In 2014, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released a report detailing the potential combat effectiveness of the 9mm cartridge when compared to other calibers such as the .45 ACP and the .40 S&W cartridge that was specifically developed for use by the FBI. The report indicated that the new powders and more advanced bullet designs used in current 9mm defensive loads allowed for the caliber to deliver almost similar performance to other calibers, like the .45 ACP and .40 S&W. In addition to this, the lower recoil, less wear, cheaper ammunition and higher capacity were all reasons that the report cited for the recent surge in orders of the ammunition from various police agencies. With a wider selection of officers being able to shoot handguns chambered in 9×19mm, many departments choose this caliber so they can standardize around a single firearm and loading, making logistics and supply easier. Due to all of these factors, law enforcement orders of 9mm ammo from all major ammunition manufacturers have spiked significantly.

    The FBI report made it clear that the more consistent accuracy of 9mm in the hands of their less experienced shooters was a factor in their returning to 9mm as their standard handgun caliber. It was also made clear that the almost same effectiveness of 9mm compared to .40 S&W and .45 ACP was due to the high quality of 9mm ammunition available.


    We feel our 100% hand-loading techniques and proprietary formulas produce the most reliable, consistent and accurate round on the commercial market today. Choice Ammunition emulates the same process passionate loaders do in their own loading rooms across the country. Hand-Loaded ammunition simply performs better than “factory” ammunition for a number of reasons. Why compromise with this Bear Defense Load when a premium product such as this is available competitively priced? Please try Choice Ammunition! This 148 grain “HARD” (22 BHN) cast lead bullet is designed for deep penetration and stopping power for the most critical of times. 

    The Bullet:

    Our hard cast (22 BHN) Wide Nose Flat Point bullet  is specifically designed for Bear Defense. Transferring maximum energy and stopping power with deep penetration and bone crushing stopping power.

    • Velocity: 1,075 fps 
    • Energy: 515 ft pounds
    • 100% Hand-Loaded

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