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  • .32 H&R Magnum 78 Grain RN Red Hi-Tek Coated Lead Cowboy Action- 

    With our 100% hand-loading techniques- We place the same care and passion into each and every round produced as those do in their own private loading rooms. These techniques produce the most reliable, accurate round of ammunition available on the market today! The .32 H&R Cowboy Action load is developed for Cowboy Action Shooters by Cowboy Action (SASS) Shooters. Our mild shooting Cowboy Action line meets SASS Power Factors, yet are a pleasure to shoot in repetition with minimal kick back or recoil.

    Cowboy Choice Ammunition is an affiliated SASS Merchant, recognized as a leader in true Cowboy Action Ammunition. Visit the Single Action Shooting Society website at: http://www.sassnet.com/

    We use a unique heat-set “HI-TEK Supercoat” manufactured in Australia, where it has been used for more than 20 years. The Hi-Tek Supercoat Bullet Coating totally encapsulates the lead projectiles and replaces standard wax lube. These .38 Special Cowboy Action Hi-Tek Coated Lead 105 grain TCFP rounds feed reliably in Lever Guns as well.
    Hi-Tek Supercoat bullets are safe to shoot indoors.  The coating gives off no toxic out-gassing or particulate matter when fired. The coating is absolutely nonabrasive and contains no PTFE or MOLY. There is no wax lube and it minimizes your exposure to lead. The end result is cleaner air, cleaner hands, cleaner equipment and cleaner guns!
    Check out a video of the Hi-Tek coating process here and see why you might want us to do it for you!!


    • Velocity: 820 FPS
    • Meets SASS Power Factor.
    • Sized: .312
    • OAL: 1.350”
    • Federal Primers!
    • Approved for Indoor Ranges!
    • 100% Hand-Loaded
    • Power Factor: 64
    • BHN 12/15


    • Our bullets greatly reduce the amount of smoke normally associated with cast bullets
    • Lead fouling of the bore is drastically reduced or in most cases, eliminated completely
    • Our coating gives off no toxins or particulate matter when fired
    • Is 100% non abrasive and contains no PTFE or MOLY
    • Greatly minimizes your exposure to lead


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