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  • .35 Whelen 250 Grain Soft Point~ The .35 Whelen is a powerful medium-bore rifle cartridge that does not require a magnum action or a magnum bolt-face. The parent of this cartridge is the .30-06 Springfield, which is necked-up to accept a bullet diameter of .358 in (9.1 mm). This cartridge is more powerful than its parent, especially in killing power on large game. The cartridge was designed in the early 1920s at a time when the only way to get a .375 Magnum was to have one built up on the long expensive Magnum Mauser action. The great advantage of the .35 Whelen was that this was a cartridge that could handle heavy bullets and yet could be used on short actions like 98 Mauser and the Springfield. Because .30/06 cases are cheap and plentiful and because good bullets in 35 caliber are available, the 35 Whelen still retains considerable popularity. However, there are probably fewer .35 Whelens in use today than there were back in the 1920s and early 1930s, because with a minimum of fuss and bother one can get a factory Winchester Model 70 in .375 caliber. Suitable .358 in (9.1 mm) bullets range in weight from 150 to 300 grains (9.7 to 19.4 g). Using a 250-grain (16 g) bullet, the .35 Whelen will generate 3,500 ft⋅lbf (4,700 J) at the muzzle from a 24 in (61 cm) barrel. The .35 Whelen is not the ballistic twin of the .350 Remington Magnum and falls about 500 foot pounds short. With the correct bullet choice this cartridge is suitable for virtually all thin-skinned large and dangerous game.

    Our 100% Hand-Loaded 250 grain Soft Point rounds are loaded with extremely tight tolerances, producing highly accurate, consistent and reliable performance with each and every shot! Our proprietary load formulas and loading process create the finest round of ammunition available on the commercial market today we feel. If you don’t load your own ammunition- let us do it for you!

    The Bullet-

    Speer Hot-Cor Spitzer bullets have a higher ballistic coefficient and are designed to retain velocity over distance. This pattern, coupled with the Hot-Cor process of pouring molten lead directly into the jacket, provides a bullet that offers deep penetration and excellent expansion without core slippage, regardless of the range.

    • Velocity 2,448 fps
    • 100% Hand Loaded
  • .458 Lott 450 Grain Barnes TSX- The .458 Lott is a .458 caliber belted hunting cartridge designed as a replacement for the less powerful .458 Winchester Magnum. It is based on the full length .375 H&H Magnum blown out and shortened to 2.800 inches. The cartridge is designed for the purpose of hunting African dangerous game.

    The .458 Lott was designed in response to perceived inadequacies and problems encountered with the .458 Winchester Magnum. The cartridge provides a distinct step up in performance over the .458 Winchester Magnum. Jack Lott, a big-game hunter and writer, had an adverse encounter in Mozambique in 1959 with an African Cape buffalo in which he sustained injuries. He had been hunting with the then new .458 Winchester Magnum. This experience convinced him that a more powerful cartridge than the .458 Winchester Magnum was required when hunting dangerous game. After the encounter, he began a search for a big-bore cartridge which would suit his needs perfectly. The objective behind the design of the .458 Lott was to provide a greater case capacity over the .458 Winchester Magnum, so as to provide better performance and less compression of the powder charge. The .458 Lott achieved both these objectives by its lengthened cartridge. Furthermore, as the Lott cartridge is in essence a lengthened .458 Winchester Magnum, converting a .458 Winchester Magnum to .458 Lott involves in many cases a simple re-boring of the chamber and if required, a lengthening of the magazine.

    The .458 Lott was designed to be an African dangerous game rifle cartridge particularly for use against heavy, thick skinned dangerous game such as elephant, Cape buffalo and rhinoceros. It is considered an ideal cartridge for hunting African dangerous game and is capable of taking game from elephant to the duiker. Acceptable bullet weights for the .458 Lott range from 300-to-600-grain. The range of available bullets provides the flexibility to customize loads for specific game species.

    Choice Ammunition, and our 100% Hand-Loading techniques- produce a round of ammunition for the .458 Lott that is demanded in dangerous game hunting. Accuracy, consistency and dependability are crucial at that final moments of such an encounter. Choice Ammunition takes this responsibility seriously by meticulously weighing each powder charge with our proprietary formulas and temperature insensitive powders, seating the bullet at the exact length for optimal performance and test firing each and every lot of ammunition at an average of 500% over industry average. We have no high speed production machines- only passionate and dedicated load technicians pulling each and every handle, producing one round of ammunition at a time. Don’t compromise with “Factory” ammunition when it really counts!


    The Bullet:

    The Triple-Shock X Bullets (TSX) are made of 100% copper and contain no lead. When the bullet expands, four razor-sharp cutting petals are created, allowing the bullet to penetrate farther through tough bone and tissue. These bullets usually retain 100% of their original weight, making them a superb choice for hunting. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer-primed, reloadable brass cases.

    • Velocity: 2,330 fps
    • 100% Hand-Loaded
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Thank you for visiting Choice Ammunition!Home of Premium Ammunition- 100% Hand-Loaded in Western Montana.

As you may know, the ammunition and firearms industry is experiencing unprecedented times beginning with COVID 19 coming from China in early 2020. Some talked of defunding police departments about the same time, even as riots and lawlessness raged on in our cities with unrest. We then saw a very contentious presidential campaign and ultimately- an inauguration of what could be a very unfriendly 2nd Amendment administration controlling both houses of Congress. For these reasons and more, we see demand at all time highs in the industry, in addition to mass shortages of components. I personally do not see things changing any time soon either...

With this, we are doing everything possible to hand-load and get products shipped in a timely manner, but we cannot simply turn machines up like others! Any back-orders on this website that we allow, we feel will ship in a reasonable period of time and we are averaging about 2-3 weeks presently. However, we are reliant on our suppliers to deliver components to us also, and that can unexpectedly be delayed on occasion. When this happens, it is possible to see 30-60 days, and sometimes more- to get ammunition sent out to you. Please know, all backorders will be filled at the price you purchased the ammunition for. If you find something elsewhere- we are happy to cancel any order.

We try to answer all office calls and prefer calls over emails or social media. We ask you to please refrain from calling or changing your order unless it is absolutely necessary- keeping in mind the time-frames I mentioned above. Every call we answer removes the focus on sourcing components and loading/shipping your ammunition!  We promise to get your order out as soon as we possibly can- yet, ask that you please understand this crazy market we are all in- if indeed you are delayed!

We do not believe in price gouging or increasing margins in a market such as this- and we will do everything possible to remain competitive with “factory” ammo, while providing our premium hand-loaded ammunition to the market. It does appear that prices may increase this year however, as there is much volatility in pricing for our brass, bullets, powder and primers.

Thank you for considering Choice Ammunition if you are a new customer- and thank you for another order if you are returning. We truly appreciate all of you and have built our business from going the extra mile with our products and for our customers!

Jon Wemple