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.577 Nitro Express

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  • .577 Nitro Express 650 Grain Cutting Edge Solids- The .577 Nitro Express is a large bore centerfire rifle cartridge designed for the purpose of hunting large game such as elephant. This cartridge is used almost exclusively in single shot and double express rifles for hunting in the Tropics or hot climates in general and is a cartridge associated with the Golden Age of African safaris and Indian shikars.

    James H. Sutherland, who over the course of his life shot between 1,300 and 1,600 elephants, stated in his The adventures of an elephant hunter, “after experimenting with and using all kinds of rifles, I find the most effective to be the double .577 with a 750 grains bullet and a charge in Axite powder equivalent to a hundred grains of cordite.” And further stating “I think the superiority of the .577 over the .450 and .500 rifles, will be evident when I state that I have lost elephants with these last two rifles, while I have bagged others with identically the same shots from a .577.”

    Choice Ammunition, and our 100% Hand-Loading techniques- produce a round of ammunition for the .577 Nitro that is demanded in dangerous game hunting. Accuracy, consistency and dependability are crucial at that final moments of such an encounter. Choice Ammunition takes this responsibility seriously by meticulously weighing each powder charge with our proprietary formulas and temperature insensitive powders, seating the bullet at the exact length for optimal performance and test firing each and every lot of ammunition at an average of 500% over industry average. We have no high speed production machines- only passionate and dedicated load technicians pulling each and every handle, producing one round of ammunition at a time. 

    It is highly recommended that you allow us to create a specific round of custom ammunition for your rifle in this load. Please contact us for details on our custom load development program.


    The Bullet-

    The 300 grain Safari Solid hunting bullet designed for Bolt Action Rifles as well as Double Rifles for use on large, dangerous game, such as the “Big Five” (elephant, rhino, cape buffalo, lion and leopard) this round offers good performance while offering manageable recoil.

    Design incorporates 3 + 1 band configuration for reduced barrel strain. It has the 67% Meplat BBW#1 nose profile which has proven to give the deepest penetration of any bullet tested to date.

    • Velocity: 1,820 fps
    • 100% Hand-Loaded
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