7MM Remington Brass

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  • Hornady Brass is manufactured to extremely tight tolerances to ensure this critical element is as consistent as possible. Brass is the foundation of an accurate cartridge, not a commodity, Hornady takes greater care in its creation. Every single Hornady case, regardless of the lot in which it was produced, is virtually identical to other Hornady cases in the same caliber. For you, this means consistent concentricity, pressures, velocity and accuracy — every time. Benchrest shooters have long known that uniform case wall thickness is vital to accuracy.  With Hornady, you’ll get more reloads from your brass.

    Tighter Wall Concentricity

    Uniform Case Wall Thickness

    Consistent Weight and Capacity

    More Reloads per Case

  • Nosler introduces its own line of custom brass in the form of premium cases bearing the Nosler headstamp. Nosler Custom brass is prepped and weight-sorted for maximum accuracy and consistency potential. Nosler Brass is sized, trimmed to length, case mouth is deburred and chamfered, flash hole deburred, weight sorted, sized, polished and finally inspected and packaged … meaning all the prep work has been done before you open the box. All it needs is a primer, powder….ready to load!

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