Pistol Ammo

Experience our precision 100% hand-loaded ammunition in most pistol calibers. From our inexpensive range and practice ammo to critically important defense, competition and law enforcement- Choice Ammunition has developed the reputation of providing the most reliable, accurate and dependable products in the shooting industry today.

Rifle Ammo

Choice Ammunition rifle calibers range from small varmint to African dangerous game and premium match and target round choices. Precise powder charges, consistent seating depths, and high-quality components equal superior accuracy and reliability with every shot. Why compromise on your rifle ammunition?

Choice Ammunition products are 100% hand-loaded one at a time- and 100% visually inspected before packaging. Our ammunition consists of only the finest components available, including; Nosler, Barnes, Berger, Hornady, Swift, and Sierra bullets to name a few. Our stringent loading tolerances demand precision accuracy and reliability from each and every round. Our proprietary formulas are developed by industry experts on the Choice Ammunition team with temperature insensitive powders, reliable boxer primers, and the best brass selections available. If you don’t load your own ammunition at home- please rely on Choice Ammunition to do it for you! We promise you that our company is not only dedicated to providing you with the best ammunition on the commercial market- but also the best customer service behind it as well!

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Thank you for viewing the Choice Ammunition Website!Home of Premium, 100% Hand-Loaded Ammunition | Made in Montana, Made with Montana Pride!

In these challenging times in our industry, things change quickly. One day, we are well stocked up on an item, and the next day, we could be out. We are doing everything possible to hand-load our ammunition and get products shipped in a timely manner, but we cannot simply turn machines up like the “factories” do! Yet, we are resourceful in our ways- and usually have ammunition when others do not.

We also strive to provide tremendous customer service. We try to answer all office calls- and actually prefer calls over emails or social media. After your order, our in-stock items typically ship within 24 hours!

From time to time- we do offer industry updates, special promotions, or announcements of new products. If you care to register with us below, we will be sure to include you in these email updates. (We do not share our list with others- or inundate you with emails all the time).

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Thank you for considering Choice Ammunition if you are a new customer- and thank you for another order if you are returning with us again! We truly appreciate all of you, and value each and every order that is made with us.

Jon Wemple

“Jon, Your attitude and true customer care and service is remarkable. Rare in today’s business world. Thank you again for a great experience with your company. Kudos to Marilyn also.”
Charlie G.