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Cowboy Action

Choice Ammunition was founded on a simple idea, to provide the most accurate, reliable, precision 100% hand loaded round of ammunition available on the commercial market while striving for 100% complete customer satisfaction in us, our products and our superior customer service. We know what the competitive Cowboy Action Shooter wants as well as the casual shooter of the “Guns That Won the West.”  The development of our Cowboy Action line, COWBOY CHOICE AMMUNITION, was premised on several important factors acquired over many years of active cowboy action shooting and competition. It’s not as simple as re-branding ammunition as “COWBOY.”

We at Choice Ammunition feel there is always room to innovate, improve and expand our line of Cowboy Action Ammunition to meet the diverse needs of today’s Cowboy Action Shooter with modern technologies such as our coated bullet line, which virtually eliminates barrel leading.  Choice Ammunition relentlessly strives to produce the Best commercially available Cowboy Ammunition on the market.  “Fill your Hand” with  COWBOY CHOICE AMMUNITION.

Our Mission:

  • Meet all Velocity and Power Factor requirements of SASS and Western 3 Gun.
  • Create loads which have a lighter feel, less recoil/muzzle flip and milder report reminiscent of Black Powder using modern smokeless powder technology. A prime consideration for competitors and those requiring a comfortable shooting experience, whether young or old.
  • Create loads that can safely and reliably be used in first generation original firearms as well as newer production models with lighter springs and action work.
  • Use premium hard-cast lead bullets which ensure accuracy and a projectile that remains largely intact after impact on standard steel targets rather than dangerously fragmenting.
  • Use only Top Quality 100% new brass for our cartridge cases.
  • Offer the same top quality brass and bullet reloading components we use in our ammunition to those who “roll their own.”
  • Lastly, but most importantly, provide 100% hand loaded ammunition of the highest quality, consistency, and accuracy available to Cowboy Action Shooters.

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About Choice

Nestled in the scenic Bitterroot Valley of the Big Sky Country in Western Montana, the 6,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility of Choice Ammunition produces what could possibly be the most reliable, precision ammunition you can buy. More >>>