.270 caliber Winchester Short Magnum 130 grain Berger VLD Hunting 100% Hand Loaded !! (Copy)


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The Tipped Triple-Shock bullet delivers the same “three strikes you’re out” rule. Once as it strikes game, two as the bullet begins to open and a third impact when the cavity fully expands to deliver extra shock with maximum transferred energy. The added polymer tip creates a faster expansion rate as well as better long range ballistics. Ideal for deer-sized game.

  • Velocity 3270 fps
  • 100% Hand Loaded

These high-performance rounds provide excellent reliability, consistency, accuracy and stopping power for hunting most game.

Rounds Per Box: 20

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The Hunting bullet line is made up of Match Grade bullets with quickly lethal terminal performance. Berger’s match grade approach and sleek designs also make these bullets effectively lethal at close and extended ranges.

  • Velocity 3055 fps
  • 100% Hand Loaded


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