Pistol Ammo

What’s your favorite caliber? We are working on variations of eighteen pistol calibers with 74 unique loads, all loaded by hand and then inspected by hand.

Choice Ammunition Pistol Ammo

Rifle Ammo

With 192 variations of forty-five different rifle caliber loads in the pipeline, odds are you’ll find just what you need in rifle ammunition.

Choice Ammunition Rifle Ammo

Using only the finest components, Choice Ammunition products are 100% handloaded, 100% visually inspected and consist of only the finest components (Nosler, Hornady, Barnes, Sierra to name a few) in the industry to meet our stringent tolerances and demanded precision from each and every round. These proprietary formulas are developed by industry experts on the Choice Ammunition team, guaranteeing consistent precision & accuracy every single time.

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P.O. Box 212
Victor, MT 59875
United States

p: 844-446-AMMO

About Choice

Nestled in the scenic Bitterroot Valley of the Big Sky Country in Western Montana, the 6,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility of Choice Ammunition produces what could possibly be the most reliable, precision ammunition you can buy. More >>>