.357 Caliber

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  • The modified profile of the 120 grain truncated cone was developed and designed to feed reliably in lever guns sensitive to overall cartridge length. Works great 1873, 1892 Winchester and reproductions and 1894 Marlin Cowboy as well as revolvers. A 38 Special cartridge seated and crimped OAL ranges from 1.480-1.485.
    Our cast lead bullets are produced from virgin lead alloyed with just the right amount of tin and antimony. Lead is purchased in 60 lb bars, 60,000 lbs at a time which allows production runs in excess of 1 million bullets of a particular caliber/type/weight ensuring identical, consistent quality that you can count on. EVERY time.

    The Ideal projectile for Cowboy Action Shooting and plinking.

    Comes packaged in a re-usable “poke”

    Hard Cast Lead Alloy

    BHN 12/15

    Sized .358

    OAL: 0.525

    Nose to Crimp: 0.293

    Meplat: 0.181

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