41 Remington Magnum

41 Remington Magnum

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  • The .41 Remington Magnum is a center fire firearms cartridge primarily developed for use in large-frame revolvers, introduced in 1964 by the Remington Arms Company, intended for hunting and law enforcement purposes.

    In 1963, Elmer Keith and Bill Jordan, with some help from Skeeter Skelton, petitioned Smith & Wesson, Remington, and Norma to produce a pistol and ammunition in .41 caliber which would fall between the extant .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum cartridges in ballistic performance, and at the same time address perceived shortcomings with those loads. While Keith had suggested a softer .41 Special cartridge as early as 1955, this idea was passed over in favor of the Magnum option, and the Special survives only as a custom wildcat cartridge.

    The .357 Magnum suffered from restricted terminal ballistic effectiveness in the early 1960s, as jacketed hollow point bullets were not yet commonly available, and the manufacturer’s standard loadings consisted of simple lead bullets. The powerful .44 Magnum, primarily a heavy hunting round, was considered overkill for police use, generating too much recoil for control under rapid fire. In addition, the revolvers chambered for the .44 were considered too large, bulky, and heavy for police carry. Keith’s original vision called for dual power levels in the .41, a heavy magnum load pushing a 210-grain JHP at a muzzle velocity of 1300–1400 feet per second, and a milder police loading which was to send a 200-grain semi wadcutter downrange at around 900 ft.

    These plans went awry due to an ongoing fascination in the firearms community with high-powered cartridges; Remington was swayed by this community’s influence and instead of following Keith’s blueprint chose to emphasize the performance of the new cartridge. As a result, the .41 “Magnum” load was released at an advertised 1500 ft/s, and even the “light” police loading was introduced with a 210 grain lead semi wadcutter “warmed up” to about 1,150 ft/s. Unfortunately, the police load as delivered was regarded as overpowered by most law enforcement agencies, many of whom were still using .38 Special revolvers.

    Additionally, Smith & Wesson simply adapted their large N-frame revolvers for the new cartridge, which did not address size and weight concerns. The Model 58, targeted for the law enforcement market, was introduced on July 10, 1964. Weighing in at 41 ounces, the Model 58 compared unfavorably with other popular revolvers available at the time, such as Smith’s own 34 ounce Model 10 in .38 Special

    These combined factors mostly eliminated the .41 Magnum from consideration for its intended market as a law enforcement firearm, although it continued to be touted as such and was adopted by a few law enforcement agencies.

    Smith & Wesson produced a high-end, premium revolver in .41 Magnum caliber, the Model 57, almost identical to the .44 Magnum-chambered Model 29. Magnum Research’s Desert Eagle division produced a .41 Remington Magnum in their semi-automatic Mark VII.

    We feel our 100% hand-loading techniques and proprietary formulas produce the most reliable, consistent and accurate round on the commercial market today. Choice Ammunition emulates the same process passionate loaders do in their own loading rooms across the country. Hand-Loaded ammunition simply performs better than “factory” ammunition for a number of reasons. Why compromise with your self defense, hunting, match- or even target/range ammo, when a premium product such as this is available competitively priced? Please try Choice Ammunition!

    The Bullet:

    We use a unique heat-set “HI-TEK Supercoat” manufactured in Australia, where it has been used for more than 20 years. The Hi-Tek Supercoat Bullet Coating totally encapsulates the lead projectiles and replaces standard wax lube.
    Hi-Tek Supercoat bullets are safe to shoot indoors.  The coating gives off no toxic out-gassing or particulate matter when fired. The coating is absolutely non abrasive and contains no PTFE or MOLY. There is no wax lube and it minimizes your exposure to lead. The end result is cleaner air, cleaner hands, cleaner equipment and cleaner guns!
    Check out a video of the Hi-Tek coating process here and see why you might want us to do it for you (but it’s worth it)!!
    • Velocity: 1,520 FPS
    • Approved for Indoor Ranges!


    • Our bullets greatly reduce the amount of smoke normally associated with cast bullets
    • Lead fouling of the bore is drastically reduced or in most cases, eliminated completely
    • Our coating gives off no toxins or particulate matter when fired
    • Is 100% non abrasive and contains no PTFE or MOLY
    • Greatly minimizes your exposure to lead

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