357 Magnum

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  •  .357 Magnum 125 grain Target and Defense Combo Pack. Both the flat point range ammunition and XTP were paired and developed to perform exactly the same, both in feel and most importantly, in point of aim/point of impact. So if the time ever comes, there will be no surprises.

    A great purchase for those sharpening skills, or who are working on their CCW.

    250 rounds of .357 Magnum 125 grain flat point practice/range ammo. These rounds are dependable, accurate and affordable enough for practice.

    .357 Magnum 125 grain plated Flat Point- It does not matter what caliber or round we are loading- Choice Ammunition loads everything by hand with the tightest loading tolerances in the industry. This creates the most accurate, reliable and dependable ammunition you can buy through the 100% hand-loaded process.

    Our plated bullets are swaged from a custom alloyed lead for uniformity, then plated to final weight and put back in a carbide die to be re-struck to the desired final dimension.

    We strive to be price competitive and provide the best performing round available. Our plated range ammunition provides enjoyable range or practice time for  shooting enthusiasts with a desire to hit what they are aiming at!

    • Velocity 1250 FPS
    • 100% hand Loaded

    20 rounds of .357 Magnum grain Hornady XTP Defense rounds.

    Hornady XTP bullets were designed for hunting, self-defense, and law enforcement. One of the great things about the XTP bullet is reliable performance, it features controlled expansion where six serrations divide the bullet into six symmetrical sections. These sections weaken the jacket to allow controlled expansion at low velocities and ensures fragmentation does not occur at high velocities. The XTP bullet is really known for its stopping power.

    • Velocity 1250 FPS
    • 100 % Hand Loaded

    These high-performance rounds provide excellent reliability, consistency, accuracy, penetration and stopping power for personal protection.

Showing 13–13 of 13 results

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