Custom Load Development Program

Choice Ammunition takes our premium, 100% hand-loaded products to yet another level- even above our “shelf” loads sold online and dealer stores across the country. In our Custom Load Development Program, we receive your rifle here at the factory, and we create a load formula that is unique to YOUR firearm specifically, for what it “likes”.
In shooting, particularly in long-range, certain features of construction, chambering, barrel harmonics and the mysterious “voodoo” nature of a rifle component metallurgy, can allow merely a good rifle to sometimes shoot great- or limit a great rifle shoot only good! Two rifles can be manufactured in sequence with identical features- and shoot entirely differently. It is truly magical when you create an ammunition formula specific to the rifle.
Choice Ammunition will absolutely make your rifle shoot to its maximum potential, and with your preferred bullet selection for hunting, range or competition. We extensively test variations of powder, brass, seating depths and match primers to create a load for you, intended on shooting sub MOA grouping or less repeatedly at 100 yards.
We strive to exceed your expectations in our Custom Load Development Program at Choice Ammunition. We offer load development in Nosler, Berger, Barnes, Hornady, Swift, Sierra and many other bullet selections of your choice.

The Process:

  1. We will go over details with you on the phone to talk about your rifle, it’s purpose and what your expectations are for it. We can make recommendations and work with you for the specific performance goals you have in mind.
  2. We will then send you a registration document for your rifle(s), confirming our discussions and what loading instructions you have for us in the work order. Variations may include barrel break-in needs, extended range testing, optical and turret adjustments, or any gunsmithing needs. We will provide a cost estimate at this time, tailored specifically for your needs. (see price list)
  3. Upon receipt of the work order back to us, you can then ship your rifle/optics through a licensed FFL Dealer to ours. We prefer an airline approved rifle case with combination lock, with insurance on the rifle being optional both ways. If possible, we like to see the rifle case enclosed in a cardboard box- typically available at any shipping store.
  4. Upon check-in, we will thoroughly go over the rifle and optics- verifying torque of mounting screws, barrel condition, cleanliness, as well as conduct any gunsmithing needs you may have such as trigger work or muzzle break. It is recommended to have the Custom Load Development done with the rifle in the exact condition you will use in the field. We will thoroughly clean the rifle of copper and particulates, to a “base-line” condition. This “base-line” condition is critical if performance variations develop for you in the future to bring it back to. Certain barrels require more frequent cleaning than others. With your custom load being developed originating from this barrel condition- you can always get back to it with proper cleaning and copper removal procedures. In our load work-up, we generally can determine the frequency of cleaning which your rifle needs- to maintain its optimal performance window.
  5. Our ballistician will then begin to work closely with our range technician to begin discussions for the load development for your rifle. We will test velocities, standard deviation and accuracy with multiple load formulas to determine what combination consistently shoots best from your rifle.

.577 Nitro Express, 650 Grain Solids

Development Stage:

  1. All brass and bullet components are individually weight sorted to our strict pre-load tolerances for both the development, as well as for your field ammunition order(s).
  2. Only temperature insensitive powders are used. Cases are filled with hand-weighed powder charges- and bullets are seated at precise lengths called for.
  3. We conduct multiple load testing sessions at our range, using these various component assortments, length preferences and ladder tests. Our objective is to optimize velocities with uncompromised consistency and accuracy.
  4. Every round produced for testing and your final order have seating depths hand-measured, with a 100% visual inspection of the round after coming off the bench rest quality loading press.

3-Shot Group, 100 Yards

After Your Load is Developed:

  1. We will sight the rifle in for you at your desired distance and provide the test target for your approval as your order calls for.
  2. We state your exact velocity, BC and altitude/atmospheric conditions for custom dial and trajectory needs and/or range test as your order calls for.
  3. We will provide drop chart data and ballistic charts as the order calls for either through our ballistics program or field testing as your order calls for.
  4. We will then load your field ammunition to be returned with the rifle. Your initial field ammunition order will all consist of the same lot run- and it is encouraged to order quantities for the foreseeable future.
  5. Your specific load work-up, data and formula are stored in our records exclusively for your rifle. Any future ammunition orders for the rifle will be loaded exactly the same; producing these custom results so long as your rifle is capable of doing so.
  6. Your ammunition is packaged with a custom label showing your Name, Caliber, Bullet/Weight and the Serial Number of your rifle.                     

.300 Ultra Mag 210 VLD~

.338 Lapua 300 grain Accubond  765 yards~

1,000 yards Called Heart & Head Shot .308 Win.~

One Mile Consistent Shooting , 7mm STW~

Fee Schedule:

Standard Calibers $375.00 plus components (quoted per caliber)
Magnum Calibers $465.00 plus components (quoted per caliber)
Barrel Break-in $100.00
Extended Range Testing* $0.60 cents per yard above 100 Yards
Gunsmith Work $65.00/hr
Rangefinder Programming $100.00
Shipping  actual cost for return w/original packaging
Insurance  optional
Ammunition**  Choice Ammunition Web Retail Price plus 15%

*includes ballistic chart and verified performance by Choice Ammunition
** Weight sorted bullets, brass and powder charges. 100% case gauged and length verified.

We make every attempt to return your rifle within 4-6 weeks after receipt. Please consider weather and component availability can create delays. If you have a special hunt or deadline to meet, please let us know and we will make it happen for you if at all possible!! 

1369 Hwy 93
P.O. Box 212
Victor, MT 59875
United States

p: 844-446-AMMO

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